Function is at the forefront when considering wares for the table, as is the desire for a timeless aesthetic. This range of ware is made from porcelain because of its durable nature, tactile qualities and pure, clean lines. The pared back colours and simple line-work offer a quiet appearance, uncluttered and refined, to compliment the home environment.

The collection includes fruit bowls, vases, condiment dishes, trays, jugs, dessert bowls and more and selected pieces are available at Potier, Bokeh Gallery, The Curatoreum, Mono Store and One Small Room. Please visit the Stockist page for further store information.


Constructed by joining coloured porcelain with a stoneware clay base the Modern Times column vases seek to contrast the sleek polish of porcelain with the rustic nature of the stoneware, aiming for refinement while allowing the unique quirks and characteristics of the clay in each piece. 

Available exclusively at Modern Times in Collingwood, this collection is ever evolving and includes vases, trays, jugs, ring dishes and more, in an extensive range of matt colours.


This collection features high fired, functional, stoneware vessels with flecked, matt glazes in a palette of earthy colours. While recognising the influence of traditional Japanese pottery, this work also aims to capture the sun bleached character of the Australian outback, bringing a sense of the land into contemporary homes, for use with our modern and multi-cultural meals.

The Quarry glazes are matt as a result of microscopic pits and bumps on the surface that scatter reflected light amd as a result have a tendency to slowly stain and mark over time. A piece may be gently scrubbed or soaked in a mixture of baking soda and water to lessen the effect but the artist's intent is that this slow transition be enjoyed, allowing the piece to change over time, aging with the household and acquiring the patina of a life of use . 

Selected pieces from this collection, which includes cups, bowls, plates, vases, planters, canisters and teapots, can be found at Craft, High Tea for Mrs Woo, Lunar Store, Modern Times, Loooseleaf and Ivy Muse. Please visit the Stockist page for further details on these stores. Pieces from this collection also become available in our online store. Follow Sophie on Instagram to be informed of store updates.


The glamour of gold contrasts with the natural, speckled stoneware in the Lustre collection This deliberate dichotomy of materials aims to bring significance to the humble vessel, ensuring time spent on everyday activities, such as eating or pausing for a hot drink, is considered and honoured.

For enquiries regarding this collection please contact the artist directly.