Q: Do you wholesale to retail outlets, galleries or cafes?

A: No, I am not currently wholesaling my wares.

Q: May I place a direct order?

A: Yes. My ability to meet orders does depend on current workload but I can give you a sense of time frame once contact has been made. Please be aware nothing happens quickly when it comes to ceramics made by hand. Send an inquiry via the custom orders page under SHOP to receive a direct ordering catalogue.

Q: Do you post internationally?

A: Yes! I have recently taken the plunge. Please email me directly for inquiries.

Q: How do you calculate postage for Australian deliveries?

A: For online sales, postage Australia wide is calculated at a flat rate of A$14 for one item plus A$4 per additional item. Larger orders placed directly with the studio are sent via courier and charged to the client once the courier's quote has been received.

Q: Can I collect my purchases from your studio?

A: Direct orders can be collected by appointment. Online sales are not available for collection from the studio.

Q: Do you have studio sales?

A: Yes. Sign up to my mailing list to be notified about sales and events and/or follow me on Instagram and Facebook


Q: What can you tell me about your matt glazes?

A: The matt appearance of a glaze is the result of tiny pinholes in the glazed surface. These tiny holes have a tendency to 'colour' with use, particularly from the tannins in tea and coffee. I like this change as it represents the aging of the piece and the patina of a life of use. The colouring of the used surface can, however, be lessened with and overnight soak in vinegar or bleach for those who don't mind the harder stuff.

Q: Are your pieces food safe?

A: The high fired stoneware clay body is vitrified meaning these pieces are non porous and regular testing has shown the glazes do not leach. There is no food safe certificate for handmade pottery but my family and I have eaten from my dishes with confidence for over twenty years.

Q: How do you test your pieces?

A: On a regular basis with continuing collections and when new work is developed, pieces are put through their paces in a number of ways recommended by ceramic educators. The wares are tested for leaching; thermal shock; microwave safety and porosity; and the ability to withstand alkaline dish washing detergents. These tests take place in a home environment rather than a laboratory given the non-commercial nature of production.

Q: Do you teach pottery?

A: Yes, I tutor in wheel thrown potter at the Mercator Ceramic School located at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. Pottery classes are popular and spaces are limited so it is worth contacting the school to have your name added to the waiting list. Please visit their website for futher details.


Q: Can you fix my broken pot?

A: Clay is a temperamental beast and while every effort is made to make work as durable and strong as possible, with regular testing (see above), the fact that each piece is uniquely made by hand from an organic material means there will be variations in their inherent strength. Quality, functionality and longevity are of the utmost importance in the creation of these wares however I cannot guarantee cracks, chips and breakages won't occur. I do not offer a repair service but there are people skilled in the area of ceramic repair and the beautiful Japanese craft of Kintsugi. There are also ceramic glues on the market if you are keen to give it a go yourself.